Evacuation Order Expanded Due to Wildfire in Clowhom Lake

Tags:  2023 | News Release
Date Released: September 17, 2023

The evacuation order for the Clowhom Lake area in Electoral Area B in the Sunshine Coast Regional District has been expanded.

A total of ten properties are now on Evacuation Order due to the Clowhom Lake wildfire. The Evacuation Alert area has also been expanded to include more Crown land; no further properties have been added to the Evacuation Alert.

The order ensures protection of human life and property while firefighters work to control the wildfire and protect critical infrastructure.

The evacuation order was made by the Sunshine Coast Regional District Emergency Operation Center (EOC), based on advice from the British Columbia Wildfire Service.

The BC Wildfire Service and the Sunshine Coast Regional District are continuing to work together to co-ordinate efforts to protect people and property.

The BC Wildfire Service has command of the site. At last update, the lightning caused wildfire was 231 hectares and slowly continuing to spread. BC Wildfire will post updates on the fire status and response here.

For more information, please visit www.scrd.ca.