Services We Provide

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) provides a wide range of services to communities up and down the Sunshine Coast. Each service is paid for by those who participate in it. Some of the services involve all of the Electoral Areas and Municipalities, while others involve specific areas.

A full list of services can be found below.



Animal Control
Bicycle and Walking Paths
Building Inspection Services
Bylaw Enforcement
Civic Addressing
Community Parks
Community Recreation Facilities
Dakota Ridge Recreation Service Area
Economic Development
Emergency Telephone – 911

Fire Protection
Geographic Information Services
Grants in Aid
Halfmoon Bay Library Service
Hillside Industrial Development Project
Library (Funding Assistance)
Museum Service (funding Assistance)
Pender Harbour Health Clinic
Pender Harbour Library Service
Pender Harbour Pool
Ports Services
Public Transit

Recreation Programs
Refuse Collection and Disposal
Regional Hospital District
Regional Planning
Regional Water Services
Roberts Creek Library Service
Rural Planning Services
School Facilities – Joint Use
Smoke Control
Solid Waste Management (Landfills)
Street Lighting