Area F: West Howe Sound

Population: 2,407 (2021 Census)
Growth rate: 17.8% (2016 Census)
Dwellings: 1,111 occupied private dwellings
Area: 381 sq. Km. 

Voting strength of elected official: 2 

The West Howe Sound area includes Langdale, Port Mellon, Williamson’s Landing, Granthams Landing, Soames, Hopkins Landing, and Gambier and Keats Islands. Although this is the most lightly populated area in the SCRD, it has the highest growth rate in the Regional District.

The communities of West Howe Sound stretch along the lower roadway (Marine Drive) from Gibsons, to the ferry terminal, past the ferry terminal towards Port Mellon, and up the ferry bypass route into Upper Gibsons and Area E – Elphinstone. Ferry service to Gambier Island and Keats Island is available at the Langdale ferry terminal.

The area leads all of BC in the number of summer camps due to its proximity to Vancouver (40-minute ferry ride); much of the recent growth and large housing in the area is due to commuters working in Vancouver, and recent retirees. Soames Hill is a popular hiking area, and the top of the Langdale bypass is home to a mountain biking park. 

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Director Kate-Louise Stamford

Kate-Louise (Kate is just fine)  was acclaimed as the Area F West Howe Sound Rural Area Director in 2022.  She had previously been a regional district Alternate Director from 2014-2018 and sat on the Area F Advisory Planning Committee from 2018-2022.

Kate and her family have lived full-time on Gambier Island since 2003 where her husband runs a consulting business focused on freshwater fish conservation.  Their daughter goes to Elphinstone high school now but spent her elementary years commuting to Langdale Elementary School on the Stormaway watertaxi.

Using her background in non-profit management and a degree in Political Science, Kate has been an active supporter of the Island community, focusing on communication, safety, roads and dock issues for the past 20 years.

In addition to serving as a Director on the SCRD Board, this is Kate’s fourth term as Islands Trustee for the Gambier/Keats Local Trust Committee.  As an elected member of the Islands Trust, she has sat on the Regional Planning Committee as well as the Islands Trust Conservancy, which she chaired from 2018-2022.

Kate can be reached at and has a website at

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