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The  Cliff Gilker sports field remains closed while the turf recovery program is underway.

The new grass is very fragile and can easily be damaged, therefore, we ask that the public and their dogs please stay off the field while this work is being done.

Our goal is to reopen the sports field this Fall. We appreciate the public’s continued patience and cooperation.

In late 2021, two bridges at Cliff Gilker Park were damaged during an atmospheric river event. Following this event, which caused widespread damage across the Region, SCRD staff closed the two bridges as they were unsafe for public use. The two bridges were built in the late 1990’s.

The SCRD wants to hear from the community to help shape the future of Cliff Gilker Park. Whether you visit Cliff Gilker for a stroll once a year on the yellow trail or if you’re a regular on the red trail, we want to know what is important to you so that we can better plan the future of the park. you have until August 9, 2024, to complete a short questionnaire at 


The bridge at Chaster House in Elphinstone was damaged during the atmospheric river event in late 2021. Like the bridges at Cliff Gilker Park, incremental damage was discovered due to heavy rains and creek volumes.

You can read about next steps in this staff report (item 6 on agenda).

Capital Funding for Vinebrook Bridge was approved in 2023. This funding will contribute to the planning required to ensure environmental, archeological, design and structural requirements for the bridge to meet required standards. Parks Services staff capacity has been challenged since funding was approved, but as a result of a recent, this project is progressing and engineers are currently being engaged. Parks at this time has projected that the replacement will be completed in 2025.

The SCRD has hired a qualified professional to perform an assessment and determine options for the Kleindale Creek Crossing. Once this assessment is complete, a report will be brought to the SCRD Board to consider next steps.

The Parks Services division is currently awaiting Board funding approvals in order to move forward with the project. The bridge is expected to be completed by the end of 2025.