Sports Fields

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) maintains over 400,000 square feet of sports fields on the Sunshine Coast which are used for a range of activities.

What you need to know about our sports fields:

You can book five sports fields through the SCRD. This includes Brothers Field in the Town of Gibsons which is maintained by the SCRD.

To book a field, email or call 604-212-0193.

While the SCRD strives to have sports fields open for as much time as possible, there are occasions when sports fields are closed. Closures occur for the following reasons:

  • When the field becomes too saturated with water, use may result in damage to the turf which in turn will make the playing surface hazardous to users.
  • During cold weather, when the field becomes too compacted it can be hazardous to users wearing cleats.

The SCRD asks that in in the event of colder temperatures or heavy rains, referees and coaches use their best judgement at game time as to whether the fields are safe to play on, and call it accordingly.

Dogs are not allowed on sports fields. However many SCRD sports fields are surrounded by beautiful trail networks that our four legged friends are more than welcome on.

Lions Field

Current Status: Open

Address: 13776 Sunshine Coast Highway, Pender Harbour

Surface: Grass field

Good to know: Due to issues with Elk in the area, please keep the gate to the park closed.

Map of Lions Field

Connor Park Field

Current Status: Open

Address: 8108 Northwood, Halfmoon Bay

Surface: Grass field, two baseball diamonds (one hardball mount, one for slowpitch)

Good to know: Connor Park Playing Field is surrounded by trails with a playground and bike skills area nearby.

Map of Connor Park Playing Field


Cliff Gilker Field

Current Status: Closed for use until Fall 2024 due to turf grass system failure.

Address: 3110 Sunshine Coast Highway, Roberts Creek

Surface: Grass field with two baseball diamonds. Lights are on site for night use.

Good to know: This playing field is located within Cliff GIlker Park and is surrounded by an extensive trail network.

Map of Cliff Gilker Playing Field

Maryanne West Field

Current Status: Open

Address: 1224 Chaster Road, Gibsons

Surface: Youth sized all weather playing field measuring just under 5 acres in size.

Good to know: This playing field is located within Maryanne West next to Cedar Grove Elementary. There is also a community hall available for rent on the site.

Map of Maryanne West Park Playing Field

Shirley Macey Field

Current Status: Open

Address: 930 Chamberlain Road, Langdale

Surface: Two full size soccer fields and a separate disc golf course.

Good to know: A playground, water park and garden are located next to the sports fields. There is also a hall on site which is available for rental.

Map of Shirley Macey Sports Field

Brothers Field

Current Status: Open

Address: 700 Park Road, Gibsons

Surface: Grass field, baseball diamond.

Good to know: The SCRD manages season ongoing bookings / reservations for Brothers Fields.

For all other enquiries and one off bookings, please contact the Town of Gibsons. Further information is available here:

If you have any questions about SCRD Sports Fields, contact our facility booking staff at or 604-212-0193.