Illegal Dumping

Like everywhere else in Canada and BC, illegal dumping is a concern on the Sunshine Coast. Dump sites can cause pollution, affect wildlife habitat and interfere with enjoying the outdoors.

Dumping waste such as garbage, hazardous waste and even green waste is illegal. The BC Conservation Officer Service assists the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) with violations on public land.

Report Illegal Dump Sites

To report an illegal dump site, please call the BC Conservation Service RAPP (Report All Poachers and Polluters) line:

  • 1-877-952-7277
  • #7277 on the TELUS Mobility Network.
  • Use the online RAPP reporting tool.

Programs to tackle illegal dumping

In addition to working with the Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Community (AVICC) on illegal dumping education and outreach, the SCRD has implemented programs to assist in cleaning up illegal dump sites.

The Backroad Trash Bash takes place each year in a different part of the Sunshine Coast. This is a full day event where the community pulls together to clean up illegal dump sites in the Region. Register for this year’s event on September 16, 2023 at

The Good Samaritan Program supports community clean ups 365 days a year! This program pays the landfill tipping fees for materials collected from illegal dump sites cleaned up by volunteers. Pre-approval is required to have the disposal fees funded by this program. If you have found a dump site and would like to clean it up, contact the SCRD in advance at 604-885-6806 or email

Residential versus Construction Waste

Residential packaging and paper products include materials such as styrofoam packaging, glass containers, film plastics, (plastic shopping bags), other flexible plastic (mesh produce bags, chip bags) paper packaging, metal packaging and more. 

The SCRD’s recycling depot guide can be found here.

Material from the construction, demolition and renovation of buildings does not have to all end up going to the landfill. Check out these resources to plan for your next residential or commercial construction project. 

When you deconstruct a building there is the opportunity to salvage valuable resources like lumber or fixtures. However, when you demolish a building you end up with a mix of materials that might have been recyclable, but no longer can be diverted from waste. 

Taking some time to research before starting on your project to determine what is feasible within your budget. 

The SCRDhas strict procedures when dealing with drywall disposal at our landfill.