Town of Gibsons

Population: 4,758 (2021 Census)
Growth rate: 3.3% (2016 Census)
Dwellings: 2,282 occupied private dwellings
Area: 4.33 sq. Km. 

Voting strength of elected official: 3

A short 10-minute drive from the Langdale ferry terminal, Gibsons was carved out of the hilly forest terrain of the Sunshine Coast. Known across the world as the home of the popular CBC Television series, The Beachcombers, the Town of Gibsons has two main commercial areas: Upper Gibsons which has shopping malls, restaurants, services and a light industrial area, and Lower Gibsons. 

The main street in Lower Gibsons is filled with people visiting the bakeries, cafes, and shops, or strolling along the bustling fishing wharf and a seaside walk that link Gibsons Harbour, with its log wharfinger’s building and boardwalk over the breakwater to Winegarden Waterfront Park. 

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Director Silas White

Silas White, the Mayor of Gibsons, was appointed to the SCRD Board on November 10, 2022. Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, Silas returned 18 years ago after spending time in Vancouver and Toronto to attend university, build a publishing business and start an indie-rock band. Silas has a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Victoria, a bachelor’s degree in English literature from UBC, and International Association of Public Participation training.

He was first elected to Gibsons council in 2014 after serving as a Sunshine Coast school trustee for nine years, including six as Board Chair and five in provincial leadership positions. He previously served two years on the SCRD Board from 2014 to 2016. Silas has worked as a book publisher and editor for leading Canadian publishers; a contract negotiator for the provincial government; and a local government consultant in housing, economic development, public engagement and Indigenous relations. He lives in the Town of Gibsons with his daughters Simone and Eloise. He was elected Mayor of Gibsons in 2022.


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