The Sunshine Coast Regional District’s mapping service maintains information about properties, service boundaries, zoning, utilities and environmental data. This information is made available to staff and the public through interactive and printed maps. This service is also responsible for assigning addresses within the Regional District.

Contact mapping at 604-885-6805 or Contact 604-885-6800 for general inquiries.

Interactive Maps

This full-feature interactive map allows users to search, analyze and display information about properties and other spatial data on the Sunshine Coast.

Search by address to view property reports that include data from BC Assessment (i.e. size, value), zoning, OCP and Development Permit Area designations.

This tool will help you find when your garbage or green bin gets picked up.

This map features a variety of parks, trails, beach accesses, playgrounds and sports fields managed by the SCRD.

Ever wonder where you get your water from? Find out more about each water system managed by the SCRD.

This map provides detailed information on docks managed by the SCRD.