Area A: Egmont / Pender Harbour

Population 3,039 (2021 Census)
Growth Rate 16% (2016 Census)
Dwellings 1,562 occupied private dwellings
Area 1,901 sq. Km. 

Voting strength of elected official: 2

Located at the northern end of the Sunshine Coast Peninsula, the Pender Harbour area is a complex maze of inlets, islands, coves, and lakes. With more than 100 miles of shoreline reaching three miles inland, the Egmont/Pender Harbour area is home to several marinas and numerous tourist accommodations, artists’ studios, local shops, restaurants, a health centre and the School of Music.

There are several fresh water swimming lakes in the area, as well as extensive hiking and mountain bike trails and diving spots.

The scattered community of settlements clustered around the actual harbour includes Madeira Park, Beaver Island, Garden Bay and Irvines Landing. To the north are Kleindale, Sakinaw Lake, Ruby Lake, Earl’s Cove, Egmont, Skookumchuck Narrows and the waterways up Jervis Inlet. 

Director Leonard Lee

Leonard Lee was elected as Director for Area A, Pender Harbour/Egmont, in October 2018. He was re-elected by acclamation in October 2022. On November 10, 2022 he was elected Chair of the SCRD Board by acclamation. On November 9, 2023, he was re-elected Chair of the Board.

 Leonard was born and raised in Pender Harbour and attended Irvines Landing School, Madeira Park Elementary and graduated from Pender Harbour Secondary School in 1967. After working for several years in the fishing and logging industries he subsequently moved to Vancouver and worked for 30+ years in the communications industry, including 20 years in senior management positions. 

Leonard and his wife Linda returned to Pender as full-time residents in 2002 and built a new home in Daniel Point, where they currently live. 

For the last nine years Leonard has been volunteering for several Community Groups including the local Chamber, Rotary, Harbour Association, Advisory Association and Living Heritage Association, often serving on the executives of these organizations. 

Leonard believes in maintaining our independent rural lifestyle, celebrating our rich heritage and preserving the unique character of our communities. He also recognizes and supports the need for additional economic development to provide employment opportunities for our young people so they too can live, work and play here on the Coast. 

Contact Information: 

Phone: 604-212-0406 

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