Beach Access

The Sunshine Coast boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and maintaining access to those beachfronts is important to local residents.

Public access to Sunshine Coast beaches is provided along road rights-of-way that end at the foreshore. In the electoral areas of the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) (outside of municipal boundaries), the rights-of-way are owned by the Province and are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI).

The SCRD has received permission from the provincial government to upgrade and maintain over 40 beach access points within the region.

If you have any concerns or wish to report any damage to our beach accesses, contact parks at 604-885-6802 or email

When entering a beach:

  • remember to be considerate of adjacent private land-owners when parking and using these access points. Parking is limited.
  • keep pets on leashes and clean up after them.
  • pack out what you bring in, leave no garbage behind.

Beach fires are permitted year-round but may be banned by fire departments during high risk periods. The SCRD asks that visitors follow these regulations when starting up a campfire:

  • A campfire is defined as a fire no larger than 0.5 metres high and 0.5 metres in diameter.
  • Select your spot below the high-tide line and make sure to construct your containment ring with rocks.
  • You must keep at least eight litres of water or a hand tool at all times while the campfire is lit.
  • Before you leave the area for any amount of time, your campfire must be fully extinguished. The ashes of your fire must be cool to the touch.
  • The area around your campfire must be clear of debris and anything combustible.

Contact your fire department if you have questions or concerns about beach fires at

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