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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle regardless of the occasion!

Check back closer to a holiday for specifically themed content to help you, your family and your friends create memories and not waste. Until then try these tips for making life’s special events memorable and not at the expense of the environment.

Waste Conscious Gift Ideas
Gift giving is one of the many ways we express our appreciation to people in our life. But we don’t want to just give stuff, stuff is everywhere in our lives and more and more we are realizing that stuff doesn’t bring happiness.

Think Reusable or Reused.
Pick out a gift that can be used again and again and again. Go sturdy and functional – pick out an easy to clean, reusable travel mug. Go shopping in your home – do you have something you haven’t used in a while that you know your friend would use?

Think long lasting
Go for something that will last. Consider planted herbs or plants that are good for cleaning your home’s air. Kitchen ware like a good cast iron pan can last a lifetime and is ver
y versatile.

Make your gift
Go edible or go crafty. Bake or cook your gift. Think about making a batch of jam or pickles and canning it so you can give them as gifts for all your friends for the rest of the year. Try your hand at a DIY project.

If you get a gift go with recycled wrapping paper from kids art work, or newspaper, a handkerchief or a cloth shopping bag they can reuse.

Still stumped? Maybe you have a great idea that’s a little expensive, work with mutual friends and pick out a gift that might too expensive for either of you to buy on your own, but together would make a great gift for your friend. Perhaps a gift card is better and offer to go with them so you can make an experience out of it. Does your friend have an e-reader? If so give them an e-book instead of a paper book.

Think no gift, give time instead
Dedicating time to your friend or loved one to take part in their favourite activity or try something new and make memories that will last longer than stuff we buy that doesn’t get used.
There is also always the gift of service, maybe a mom with little ones could use a half hour/hour to themselves or maybe someone could use help in their garden or with cleaning their house.
Food brings people together. Go out for lunch or dinner, alternatively you could bring lunch or dinner to their place or have them to yours for a meal.

Give to a cause or charity in someone else's name. The Sunshine Coast has many not-for-profits and charitable organizations working to enhance our community.
Hosting a child’s birthday?

Children’s parties can generate a lot of garbage in a short period of time. Check out these great party planning guides for ideas on how to have a memorable birthday without the one-time use plastics and without the emphasis stuff and instead on enjoying the party.
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