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This Thanksgiving . . .

Take food waste off the menu this Thanksgiving.

Food Waste Reduction Tips

Take a grocery list and stick to it!
Start with a plan. Choose recipes that fit together then you can plan for the special ingredients that might only show up a little in a recipe and can be used again elsewhere. Then, shop in your cupboard because you might have what you already need. After, go shopping, stick to the list and resist the impulse purchases!

Plan portions in advance
Promote less scraps going to waste by using smaller servings spoons and smaller plates. Guests are always welcome to have seconds or thirds.

Serve buffet-style
This way guests will take what they want to eat and don’t leave behind something they wouldn’t have chosen for themselves.

Ask guests to bring Tupperware
They can bring home what they don’t finish and pack up extras of what is left over.

Learn from last year
If you regularly host Thanksgiving you already know what you tend to have lots of leftover, make less of it, or swap it for something new. If you’re new to hosting, keep an eye on what is leftover this year, and keep it off the menu for next year.

Was there too much turkey last year? Consider ditching the turkey for smaller family gatherings and do stuffed turkey breast or a roast chicken instead.

Transform leftovers into tasty new meals
Try a new way to repurpose your old left overs. Ever had turkey croquet monsieur, or fried rice with leftover vegetables? There’s different ways to do turkey soup, such as, with coconut milk or make a stew with biscuits. Leftover vegetables would go great in a curried pie, a frittata, a turkey and leek pie or added to turkey burritos. The options are endless! Recipes from Love Food Hate Waste Canada can be found here. We also have some handy printable recipe cards for Thanksgiving leftovers.

Donate leftover groceries and food
Keep your community in mind and donate or share food. You can donate to the Sunshine Coast Food Bank or the Salvation Army on the Sunshine Coast. Share extra food with friends, neighbours, co-workers and community members in need. Connect with a local farmer – do they want food scraps to feed their animals?

If you still end up leftovers that aren’t going to be eaten, compost them! For tips on how to compost and where you can bring your food scraps visit

We can extend our gratitude on this holiday by also honouring the food that feeds our family. Share what worked with your friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving.

More food waste tips can be found here.