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Curbside Food Waste Collection

Curbside food waste collection service, the "Green Bin," starts October 6, 2020!

Check your mail mid-August for this introductory guide.

Green Bins and starter kits will be delivered between September 14-30, 2020
The starter kit (placed inside the Green Bin) will contain 10 paper kitchen container bags, one What's In sticker and one Collection Guide. Get the digital version of the Collection Guide here.

What is the service?

  • Weekly collection of food waste and food soiled paper
  • 45-litre SCRD-provided Green Bin
  • Maximum weight 20kg (44lbs)
  • For service schedule go to

Green Bin - What's In

  • Bread & pastries
  • Dairy - dairy products, cheese, eggs/shells
  • Fish - raw, cooked, bones, soft shells from lobster, crab or shrimp
  • Fruit & vegetables - raw, cooked, whole, peelings
  • Meat & bones - raw, cooked or bones
  • Tea & coffee grounds - paper tea bags, tea leaves, coffee grounds & filters
  • All uneaten food and plate scrapings, including:
  • Food soiled paper - paper towels, paper plates, paper napkins, food soiled cardboard, newspaper
  • Cut flowers, flower bunches and house plant cuttings

The materials collected from the Green Bin program will be processed locally at Salish Soils into compost, a benefical resource.

What's Out

Please do not place any of these materials in your Green Bin:

  • Garbage
  • Liquids of any kind
  • Dryer lint, vacuum contents, hair, pet waste
  • Elastics, staples, twist ties or produce stickers
  • Hard shells from clams or oysters
  • Plastics of any kind, including compostable or biodegradable as these are not compatible with our local composting facility
  • Yard or garden green waste

What's In and What's Out Sticker

WildSafe Tips

More information about keeping the community and wildlife safe can be found at

  • Keep your bin clean
  • Lock your bin
  • Bring your bin as soon as you can after collection
  • Store your bin inside

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about food waste collection.

Food waste accounts for approximately 35% of household garbage found in the Sechelt Landfill. Diverting food from the landfill will help extend the life of the landfill which at our current rate of disposal, is scheduled to close in early 2026.

Garbage collection will be reduced to bi-weekly (every other week )with the launch of the Green Bin program.

SCRD Collects App

Coming Soon! Never miss a collection with personalized reminders by text, email or phone, view your collection schedule and use the Waste Wizard for a "what goes where" for recycling.