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Church Road Well field

about the Project

The Groundwater Investigation Phase 4 - Church Road Well Field Project is a result of the first round of groundwater investigation started in 2017 to secure additional water supply sources for SCRD water system users.

The construction of the Church Road Well Field will significantly increase the water supply in the Chapman Water System, reducing the stress felt during dry summer months. It will also connect three SCRD water systems: Granthams, Soames, and the Chapman water systems.

The Church Road Well Field is moving to final design and Well 3, the second of two production wells, will be drilled in the summer of 2020. Visit the Groundwater Investigation page for more background and information about Round 2.

An Alternative Approval Process (AAP) has also been initiated to seek citizen approval for a low-interest, thirty year loan to pay for the final construction phase. More information can be found on the Alternative Approval Processes page.

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Here are quick and informative project updates with plenty of maps and interesting graphics.