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Raw Water ReservoirS

The development of Raw Water Reservoirs is recommended in the Comprehensive Regional Water Plan to meet the community’s water needs.

  • Here is a two page backgrounder of the project and next steps.

Progress to date:

  1. Phase 1 involved a Water Demand Analysis to develop a better understanding of the water supply deficit.
  2. Phase 2 involved a Feasibility Study to assess all potential sites in the Chapman Creek watershed. This initial site selection led to four potential sites.​​
  3. Phase 3 involved studying these four sites in more detail and led to the recommendation of a site.

Next Steps:

  • Engineering, design, technical, and environmental studies: 2020-2022
  • Permitting and completion of land acquisition or land tenure as well as water license: 2021-2023
  • Final engineering design and survey: 2023-2024
  • Construction and commissioning: 2024-2026