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EXploring a Raw Water Reservoir

The SCRD is looking at new long-term water sources to respond to regional growth, climate change and community demand. This year, SCRD will look at the feasibility of new surface and groundwater sources. These new potential sources could include Clowhom Lake, or Rainy River, a raw water reservoir, and new groundwater sources that the SCRD has not yet identified.

These big projects take time to assess, design and build and would most likely result in tax increases for our community. Before moving forward, the SCRD needs to know if these long-term source and storage options are feasible, how much it’s going to cost, secure land, obtain required permits, and ensure a potential site is safe and sustainable.

Here is a one-page backgrounder about a potential raw water reservoir.

Summary of current status on the raw water reservoir project:

The SCRD is looking at “Site B”, located above the Sechelt Airport. This summer, the SCRD anticipates securing crown land tenure from the province and will update the potential reservoir design by end of 2022. With this information, the SCRD can compare a raw water reservoir with other new potential ground and surface water sources. More to come on this!

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