Redrooffs Circle Trail


This short trail winds through forest with access to a small pebble beach area.


The park is accessible directly from the top of Mintie Road.


Trail, small pebble beach.

Area B

Address: 5678 Mintie Road (Google Maps)

Area: 0.47 hectares

Map: Redrooffs Circle Trail (PDF)


In 2017 shishalh Nation Elders Language group and the SCRD began a project to provide and/or translate SCRD park names into the shashishalhem (Sechelt language). Coopers Green Park is translated as chawilin.

Pronunciation: The aw sounds like the ow in English ‘now’. i sounds like the a in English ‘mate’. The first two syllables have strong stress.

The name chawilin was chosen by the shishalh Elders Language Group because the park has a trail that goes down to the beach and the elders felt this name best represents the trail at the park.

Meaning: trail (of animal) down to shore. (Sechelt Dictionary, Page 486)

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