Ports Monitors Committee

Ports Monitors (POMO) committee members meet twice per year to provide input on the operation and long-term planning of ports; act as on-the-ground monitors as ports issues arise; and communicate information to and from community stakeholders.




We are seeking interest from community members in volunteering for the POMO Committee. POMO representatives assist us in delivering reliable quality ports facilities by:

  • Providing the SCRD with input on operations issues related to ports;
  • Providing input to long term ports planning;
  • Acting as on-the-ground eyes and ears to guide SCRD response to issues as they arise;
  • Communicating ports related information to and from community stakeholders;
  • Attending POMO Committee meetings two times per year.

POMO consists of one representative from each of the nine SCRD docks. SCRD invites applications for a representative for the following dock location:

  • Vaucroft (North Thormanby Island)

If volunteering as a POMO committee member interests you, please complete an application form and submit it by email at info@scrd.ca

More information to come.

Committee members represent the following docks:

DockCommittee Members
Vaucroft(North Thormanby Island)
Halfmoon Bay(Mainland)
Keats Landing(Keats Island)
Eastbourne(Keats Island)
Hopkins Landing(Mainland)
Gambier Harbour(Gambier Island)
West Bay(Gambier Island)
Port Graves(Gambier Island)
Halkett Bay (Gambier Island)