Ports Monitors Committee

Ports Monitors (POMO) committee members meet twice per year to provide input on the operation and long-term planning of ports; act as on-the-ground monitors as ports issues arise; and communicate information to and from community stakeholders.

A Ports Monitors Committee (POMO) meeting was held on Monday, May 29, 2023 at 2:00 P.M.

You can find the agenda package for this meeting under “Agendas and Meeting Notes” below.

Committee members represent the following docks:

DockCommittee Members
Vaucroft(North Thormanby Island)
Halfmoon Bay(Mainland)
Keats Landing(Keats Island)
Eastbourne(Keats Island)
Hopkins Landing(Mainland)
Gambier Harbour(Gambier Island)
West Bay(Gambier Island)
Port Graves(Gambier Island)
Halkett Bay (Gambier Island)

If volunteering as a POMO committee member interests you, please complete an application form and submit it by email at info@scrd.ca.