Pender Hill


This trail is all about the magnificent view from the top. Added attractions are the dry, rocky arbutus areas with shrubs such as juniper. In April there is an excellent display of wildflowers. The top of the hill is an open, moss covered expanse with Pender Harbour at your feet. It’s a perfect spot for a picnic.

Some of the many spring flowers you may find growing on the rock ledges are Mimmulus, Indian Paintbrush, Nodding Onion, Thrift, Death Camas, Shooting Stars, Fritillaria (Chocolate Lily), and Violas. To ensure that these flowers are continually able to grow, please be careful to stay on paths and not disturb moss.


North of Pender Harbour turn left onto Garden Bay Road, off Highway 101. Follow this road for approximately 8.6 kms to Lee Road. At Lee Road turn right, the trail head is on your immediate left. Please park in designated areas and be mindful of neighbouring homes.


Short steep 1.5 km hiking trail taking approximately 30 minutes.

Please note that there is no toilet or garbage disposal in the vicinity. Please take out what you bring in.

Area A

Address: 4331 Coastview Drive (Google Maps)

Area: 16.5 hectares

Map: Pender Hill (PDF)


In 2017 shishalh Nation Elders Language group and the SCRD began a project to provide and/or translate SCRD park names into the shashishalhem (Sechelt language). Pender Hill is translated as ḵw’enim.

Pronunciation: kw’ is pronounced like the first sound in English ‘quick’, but with a throatcatch. i sounds like the a in English ‘mate’. The first two syllables have strong stress.

The name ḵw’enim was chosen by the shishalh Elders Language Group because the view from the top of Pender Hill allows a watching (look out) area to the entrance waters of Pender Harbour.

Meaning: look(ing). The meaning of this word includes ‘watching’, ‘keeping an eye out’ (in anticipation of s.o./, and ‘looking out’ in the sense of being careful. (Sechelt Dictionary, Page 266)

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