Who does what on the Sunshine Coast?

Tags:  2024 | News Release
Date Released: January 25, 2024

Every day, staff at the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) receive questions and requests about services that the SCRD is not responsible for.

We get it. It can be confusing. For example, if you live in Sechelt you receive your curbside collection service from the District of Sechelt, your water from the SCRD and if you are driving on the highway and spot an issue, you need to contact the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Equally in the rural areas, the services you receive differ based on which area you are living in.

To help the community better understand who they receive certain services such as water, solid waste and roads from, the SCRD has developed two resources.

The first is a handout that explains services the SCRD provides versus other governments on the Sunshine Coast. This handout, which includes contact information for SCRD departments can be found here. This handout will also be made available at front counter in the SCRD’s main administration office on Field Road.

The second resource is map based, and allows residents to search their address to find out who is providing services to them. The ‘Who you gonna call’ map outlines the main services provided by local governments and the Provincial Government on the Sunshine Coast. The map can be found here and linked at www.scrd.ca/contact-us. Just type in your address to find out who provides services to your home.

Both resources will constantly be finetuned as the SCRD receives more information and input.

If you search your address and spot any information that does not appear to be accurate, please reach out to the SCRD’s mapping department at mapping@scrd.ca