Water Meters Contract Awarded

Tags:  2023 | News Release
Date Released: April 20, 2023

At its meeting on April 20, 2023 the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) Board gave approval to award a contract to Neptune Technology Group Canada Co. for phase three of the water meter installation project.

The total budget for the project is $9,391,750. This includes $6,000,000 funded from the recently awarded Canada Community Building Fund-Strategic Priorities Fund grant, and $3,391,750 from long-term debt.

Phase three is the final phase of meter installations and involves installing water meters in the West Sechelt, West Porpoise Bay, The Shores, Downtown Sechelt, East Porpoise Bay, Sandy Hook, Tuwanek, Selma Park, Davis Bay, and Wilson Creek water service areas.

The SCRD installed water meters in North and South Pender Harbour Water Service Areas between August 2014 and February 2015, as part of phase one. Meter installations were completed as part of phase two in Halfmoon Bay, Egmont, Earls Cove, Roberts Creek, Elphinstone, and West Howe Sound (excluding Hopkins Landing) between September 2016 and October 2017 with a few remaining properties receiving installations in 2018. Neptune Technology Group completed phases one and two of the meter installations.

Water metering will help the SCRD and water users improve their leak detection abilities and better understand water consumption. Many cities and regional districts across Canada have already made the move towards metering as it is widely recognized as an industry best practice. It is common for communities to realize a reduction in water consumption by 20% to 30%.

“After two years of severe drought, it is more critical than ever that we utilize our water resources as wisely as possible,” says Leonard Lee, SCRD Board Chair. “The installation of water meters will help our community better understand their own consumption and will allow the SCRD to make efficiencies to further secure water supply for the region.”

Preparatory work is already underway and water meter installations are expected to begin in fall 2023 and anticipated to be completed by late 2025. The SCRD will communicate directly with each of its water customers affected by this project in order to provide further details regarding project timing and water conservation techniques and ideas. In addition, the SCRD website and engagement platform, Let’s Talk SCRD will be updated with project specific information for the duration of the project.