Update on Katherine Lake Park and Campground

Tags:  2024 | News Release
Date Released: May 9, 2024

Due to ongoing road repairs, Katherine Lake Park and Campground will remain closed until at least early July.

Damage to the road and subsequent closure.

As was communicated in this update three weeks ago, heavy rainfall in February caused significant damage to the park’s access road, leading to a sinkhole which posed major safety risks. The road was closed after an inspection where the road was found to have structural damage including an undersized and corroded culvert system.

Update on repairs.

Repairs of the road involve a complete replacement of the culvert system and reinforcement of the road base. As the stream that runs below the road is fish bearing, the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) must receive the proper permits to conduct the repair work (Federal and Provincial).

Over the past two months, the SCRD hired contractors to complete surveys, hydrological work and engineering design for the road repair. Reports provided by these experts are being prepared for submission to the relevant authorities.

The SCRD has been advised that permits may not be received for several weeks, until late June at the earliest. SCRD staff are doing all they can to expedite this process.

Campground bookings.

The operator for the Katherine Lake Campground will contact those with bookings up until early July directly to cancel camp site bookings.

Next update.

The SCRD understands that cancellation of campground bookings and the closure of the park is an inconvenience both to visitors to the Sunshine Coast and residents. However, the vital work to repair the access road cannot be completed until permitting has been received.

The SCRD will provide a further update in mid-June on the efforts being undertaken to repair the access road and whether further cancellations are anticipated for campground bookings.