Sunshine Coast Snowpack at Record Lows

Tags:  2024 | News Release
Date Released: April 15, 2024

The snowpack that feeds Chapman and Edwards lakes remains at record lows. A snow survey conducted by the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) earlier this month has shown that the snowpack at Edwards Lake is 49% below average and Chapman Lake is 40% below average. This data and extremely low snowpack is consistent with what is being experienced in other parts of the Province.

On May 1 each year, the SCRD implements Stage 1 Water Conservation Regulations on the Sunshine Coast. The SCRD is asking that the community conducts work that requires a lot of water such as pressure washing and garden projects in the coming weeks, if possible, prior to the implementation of Stage 1.

Picture of the Chapman Lake Snowpack in early April, 2024

Chapman Lake, early April 2024


“With such a low snowpack, there is potential that we could see Stage 2 water conservation regulations implemented earlier than in previous years,” says General Manager of Infrastructure Services Remko Rosenboom. “The melting of the snowpack in early summer plays a huge role in the recharge of our water systems so SCRD staff are doing all they can to prepare for drought conditions through the summer months.”

The Church Road Well Field is operational and will be utilized through the summer to provide more than 4.5 million litres per day to users on the Chapman System. Additionally, the SCRD is actively pursuing the provincial approvals necessary to reduce Chapman Creek Environmental Flow Needs requirements for early this summer.

In the coming weeks, each household on the Sunshine Coast will receive this chart in the mail detailing water conservation regulations. There is also information in the mailout on how the community can conserve water through the summer months to help secure supply through the anticipated drought conditions. This mailout includes information on water use inside of the home, along with a community target of 200 litres of water use per person per day when the weather is hot and dry. Residents with water meters can sign up for their monthly water use update to see how close they are to achieving the target.

Further information about water conservation regulations will be provided prior to May 1. The next water supply update will be provided to the public during the SCRD’s Committee of the Whole meeting on May 9.