SCRD Prepares Church Road Well Field for Summer Water Supply

Tags:  2024 | News Release
Date Released: June 18, 2024

As part of the Region’s drought response plan, Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) staff are preparing the Church Road Well Field to supplement summer water supply.

The well field is now fully operational and can supply 4.6 million litres, nearly two Olympic sized swimming pools worth of water per day to residents on the Chapman Water System.

As part of the preparation to bring the well field online, a purpose-built chemical storage container will be temporarily installed at the Church Road Well Field Water Treatment Plant tomorrow, June 19. The SCRD understands that this storage container has been the subject of some community concern.

To alleviate concern, the SCRD has already hosted an online information session, provided answers to multiple questions from the public and just this week, staff went door to door in the area to speak with residents and provide them factual information about the container.

The resource provided to residents can be found here.

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