SCRD Budget Adoption this Week

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Date Released: February 21, 2024

Later this week, the Sunshine Regional District (SCRD) Board will consider adoption of the 2024 budget. This year’s budget includes 101 new projects and 151 projects which are carried forward from prior years. Many of these projects are aligned with the SCRD Board’s two Strategic Plan focus areas of water stewardship and solid waste solutions.

This year, the SCRD’s budget process involved three public meetings.

  1. Round one budget meetings. At this meeting new budget proposals were brought forward to the SCRD Board. The SCRD Board also contemplated projects that are yet to be completed from prior years (known as carry forward projects) so that they can factor workload on staff into their decision making. The SCRD Board also received presentations from community partners for service supported by the SCRD. During this meeting, budget proposals are either deferred to another year, denied or moved ahead to round two budget discussions.
  2. Round two budget meetings. Budget proposals that were not fully approved at round one were brought forward and a final decision made as to whether or not they are to be incorporated into the financial plan for the upcoming year. Projected implications for taxation were again presented to the Board.
  3. Adoption of financial plan. Following budget meetings, the financial plan – incorporating all projects and initiatives that have been moved through and discussed at the budget meetings is adopted by the SCRD Board. The budget adoption is due to take place on February 22, 2024.

Community consultation took place throughout the budget process with virtual information sessions, a Lets Talk Budget webpage and news releases.

Several projects are moving forward for adoption in this year’s budget. They include:

Solid Waste – SCRD staff have identified an opportunity to increase the lifespan of the Sechelt Landfill by relocating the contact water pond, which manages storm water that comes into contact with solid waste. An options analysis and conceptual design were completed in 2023, with detailed design and regulatory approvals in progress. This project is expected to extend landfill life by approximately four years until mid to late 2030 at less than half the cost of exporting waste. This project will be funded through a provincial grant, offsetting the tax impact.

Recreation – In 2024, a thorough needs assessment will be conducted for recreation in the Region. This process will include community engagement to help inform the future of recreation services on the Sunshine Coast.

Parks – To ensure the long-term health and resilience of Cliff Gilker sports field turf, in 2024, staff will engage professionals to connect a field irrigation system to an onsite well. This will ensure that irrigation is available for the field and that potable water is utilized for the community. This project will be funded through a grant.

Ports: Additional funds have been committed to fund repairs and capital improvements to five of the docks that serve Gambier and Keats Island.  Most of these will be funded through grants to offset the tax burden to residents.

Transit: The SCRD Board has moved forward with increasing transit service for main routes starting in late 2024 as well as a plan which would allow for free access to transit for youth.

Water – Several water projects have been included for the North and South Pender and Regional Water Service. These projects focus on increasing supply, and ongoing maintenance of the aging water system. Projects include continued exploration of groundwater sources, work on a raw water reservoir, rehabilitation of watermains and maintenance of the Chapman Water Treatment Plant.

Staffing – Several staff positions are moving forward to budget adoption. Among these are more resources for the SCRD’s planning department which will allow for more capacity for front counter service and to work on applications.

Preliminary Property Tax Rates

After Round Two Budget, the following are the preliminary average SCRD tax rates by area per $100,000 of assessed value of homes.

The figures below are not final and only cover the SCRD portion of your tax bill. More detailed information on each of the taxation areas below will be available in the updated SCRD Financial Plan prior to adoption of the budget.



Calculating the preliminary SCRD portion of your tax bill

You can calculate the preliminary 2024 SCRD portion of your tax bill in three steps:

  1. Take the assessed value of your home which can be found here at BC Assessment.
  2. Divide the assessed value of your home by $100,000.
  3. Multiply that figure by the 2024 preliminary amounts outlined above based off of your Electoral Area or Municipality.

For example: If your home is worth $800,000 and the preliminary 2024 SCRD tax rate is $200 then the SCRD portion of your tax bill would be 8 x $200 = $1600.

Stay up to date with the budget, watch information sessions that were held in January and ask questions at any time at 

Budget adoption will be considered during the SCRD Board meeting on Thursday, February 22. The meeting agenda and information on how to join can be found at