Next Stage of Water Meter Installation Program to Begin

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Date Released: March 13, 2024

After a very successful first few months of installations, the water meter program for the District of Sechelt will continue later this month.

Staff from the contractor installing the meters, Neptune, have been in the Region since October focusing on a retrofit and replacement program for existing meters. Over 660 meters were part of this program.

Later this month, Neptune, with support from SCRD utility services staff will begin work on installing over 4,100 meters in the District of Sechelt.

Where will residential installations begin?

At this time, the plan is to move from West to East, beginning with meter installations in West Sechelt, up the west side of Porpoise Bay, through to Downtown Sechelt, up the east side of Porpoise Bay and ending in the Davis Bay / Wilson Creek area.

The entire project is anticipated to be completed by 2026.

 SCRD utility crews are currently working in neighbourhoods in the District of Sechelt, locating water services for homes to help expedite installations. If you know the location of your water service, please let crews know if you see them working in your area.

Meter installation

Prior to installations taking place, residents will receive a letter which will provide information on the water meter program. This will be followed by a door tag which will be left at your home three days before Neptune technicians arrive to complete the meter installation.

Most meter installs only take one-hour and are done with little disruption to the homeowner and areas around your home.

More information

Further information on the water meter program will be provided as installations take place.

You can learn more about the water meter program and ask questions at any time at