Evacuation Alert Cancelled for the Clowhom Lake Fire

Tags:  2023 | News Release
Date Released: September 27, 2023

The evacuation alert in place for seven properties in the Clowhom Lake area has been cancelled and the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) is stepping down an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) for this event.

B.C. Wildfire has advised that recent weather has allowed for progress to be made in fighting the Clowhom Lake Fire . The list of properties that were previously under evacuation alert can be found here.

As was stated in a news release this weekend, the BC Wildfire Service has advised those returning to properties in the area to be prepared. Roads and land may be impacted by debris and fire-damaged forest. Anyone re-entering the area should be prepared to deal with hazards including but not limited to danger trees, erosion and the impacts of rainfall as well as continuing fire operations including crew, aviation and heavy equipment work. It is also expected that low-vigor fire activity will be observed within the fire perimeter and smoke will be visible well into the Fall.

The SCRD has also stepped down the EOC for this fire event.

“We are so appreciative of the work done by the hardworking crews of the B.C. Wildfire Service in helping keep our communities safe,” says SCRD Board Chair Leonard Lee. “I would also like to commend our own staff, working in the EOC for the excellent coordination which allowed for those who could have been in harms way to safely evacuate the area.”

The SCRD utilized the Region’s emergency alert system during this event. A reminder to those living in rural areas  and municipalities to please take time to sign up to Voyent Alert. It takes a few minutes and will ensure that evacuation alerts and orders are sent directly to your chosen method of communication. Learn more at www.scrd.ca/alert-system

Finally, with significant rain events taking place, and more on the way, the SCRD is reminding residents to please take some time to clear culverts in and around your home. The graphic below shows which culverts are your responsibility.

The culverts marked “Road maintenance contractors’ responsibility” are the responsibility of the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and Capilano Highways on the Sunshine Coast. If you have concerns about a culvert that is not on a property as shown above then contact 604-740-0667 or 604-740-8985. You can also contact your local municipality should you have concerns about blocked culverts near your residence.