John Daly Park


This small park has a sunny, grassy meadow, suitable for picnics, next to the salmon wintering pond. The trail hugs the bank of Anderson Creek which is perhaps one of the most productive salmon creeks on the Sunshine Coast. Best times for viewing the spawning salmon (chum and coho) are from late September to late December. This damp gully has a growth of moss, fern covered rock bluffs, and huge moss-draped Big Leaf Maples.


North of Pender Harbour. Turn west off Highway 101 onto Garden Bay Road. Exactly 1 km along this road turn left on Roosen Road. The park entrance is immediately on the left.

Area A

Address: 5930 Roosen Road (Google Maps)

Area: 1.09 hectares (2.6 acres)

Map: John Daly Park (PDF)


In 2017 shishalh Nation Elders Language group and the SCRD began a project to provide and/or translate SCRD park names into the shashishalhem (Sechelt language). John Daly Park is translated as ḵelx̱aminkwu.

Pronunciation: k is pronounced like k in English but farther back in the mouth. x is like h in English, but with much more friction, and it is pronounced quite far back in the mouth. i sounds like the a in English ‘mate’. kw is like k, but pronounced with rounded lips, as in the first sound of English ‘quick’. u is pronounced like the o in English ‘go’. The first two syllables have strong stress.

The name ḵelx̱aminkwu was chosen by the shishalh Elders Language Group because of the productive salmon creeks that are located in the area.

Meaning: Place where the salmon spawn.

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