George Cormack Park


The park has a small picnic area and stream and spawning habitat.

The connector trail at George Cormack Park that links Mintie Road and O’Brian Road is now open.


The park is located on Mintie Road, directly across from the Halfmoon Bay General Store.


Picnic area, viewing platform.

Area B

Address: 5655 Mintie Road (Google Maps)

Area: 0.24 hectares

Map: George Cormack Park (PDF)


In 2017 shishalh Nation Elders Language group and the SCRD began a project to provide and/or translate SCRD park names into the shashishalhem (Sechelt language). Coopers Green Park is translated as tsutsiy.

Pronunciation: ts is like the sound in English represented by the combination –ts- in ‘cats’. u is pronounced like the o in English ‘go’. i sounds like the vowel in English ‘meet’. First syllable has strong stress.

The name tsutsiy was chosen by the shishalh Elders Language Group because of this parks small size (0.24 hectares/0.6 acres).

Meaning: little, small. (Sechelt Dictionary, Page 486)

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