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LEAK notification Program

The Sunshine Coast Regional District’s (SCRD) Leak Notification Program aims to conserve treated drinking water and help prevent property damage by notifying metered residents of potential leaks. Each month, water meter data is collected in Electoral Areas A, B, D, E and F. Water meters measure water use at each property. If there is continuous, 24 hours a day flow detected, this usually indicates a leak.

What is the Leak Notification Program?
The SCRD sends leak notification letters to property owners with possible leaks quarterly. If you receive a leak notification letter, SCRD staff are available to answer any questions and support you in resolving your leak. Water meters have helped residents identify and fix leaks at a rate of 2 leaks per day since 2017, preventing property damage and water loss.

Q. How do I know if I have a leak?
A. If you received a leak notification letter, the water meter measured continuous, 24 hours a day, water flow for the month referenced on the letter.

Don’t want to wait for a letter? Sign up for monthly water updates that will notify you of your monthly water use and if a leak was detected at your property. Email to sign up and include your Utility Account Number.

Don’t want to wait for an email? If you are able to safely access the water meter, you can also check the water meter display to see if a leak is present. If a water tap icon is present, your meter has detected continuous flow over 24 hours. Refer to VIDEO and brochure to learn how to access and read your water meter.

Q. How do I find my leak?
A. A water leak can be as small as a dripping tap or as large as a burst water line. If the leak location isn’t evident, it can take some investigating.

To begin, check taps, toilets, and appliances, as well as any outdoor water connections and irrigation systems for any drips or other signs of a leak, like the sound of running water when water connections are off. Still no obvious signs? The next step is to access the water meter if you can do so safely.

Access and read the water meter:

1. Opening the meter box. Locate the meter box. If the meter box lid is plastic, push a screwdriver or something similar in the small hole in the meter box lid pushing towards the center of the lid to unlock. The antenna on the lid is connected to the meter via a cable so be careful not to damage the cable. You can then remove the insulation if present and flip the meter cap open. If the meter box has a heavy metal lid, please be careful and ensure that someone helps with moving the lid to prevent injury and damage to the meter.

2. Waking up the meter display. If the meter display is not showing any numbers you will need to shine a flashlight over the meter display to activate the display. Sometimes waiting a moment for the sunlight to hit the display will do the trick. When The display is activated, the numbers displayed will toggle between the meter reading and the current flow rate.

3. Reading the meter. When the display indicates "RATE", the number informs the real time water use. The flow rate is in either Litres per Minute (LPM) or Cubic Meters per minute. Look at the first three digits of a long line of numbers engraved on the meter.

  • Meters that start with "185#####" are in cubic meters per minute. Most meters in Pender Harbour are 185 series.
  • Meters that start with "154#######" are in litres per minute.

The Flow Indicator arrow will be ON when water is flowing and FLASHING during low flow. If no water is being used at the property, there Flow Indicator should be off and the flow rate will read “0.00”.
The leak indicator icon can help indicate the leak status at the property.

  • If it is on, then water is being used continuously 24 hrs/day.
  • If it is flashing, then water is being used more than 12hrs/day.
  • If it is off, then there is no leak.
  • It takes 24 hours for the icon to reset if a leak is resolved.

For more help isolating your leak, refer to:

Flow chart.

Refer to VIDEO and brochure to learn more about how to access and read your water meter.

Q. Do I have to fix my leak?
A. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of all water piping and fixtures beyond the water meter box. Finding and repairing private property leaks is the responsibility of the property owner. If you are unable to find and fix a leak yourself, a plumber can assist with isolating and repairing the leak.
Water leaks can grow and have the potential to cause serious and costly property damage to your own property, as well as neighboring properties. The SCRD works with property owners to communicate leak information and support troubleshooting towards a resolution. Properties with unresolved water leaks of increasing volume that are impacting neighboring properties or SCRD water systems can be issued a water shutoff notice, in accordance with SCRD Water Rates and Regulations Bylaw No. 422, section 9.1

Q. How do I know if my leak is fixed?
A. If you are able to safely access your water meter, check the water meter display to see if a leak is resolved.
• If a water tap icon is present, the meter is still detecting continuous flow.
• If a water tap icon is flashing, you may have resolved the leak. Check back in 48 hours, if the leak is fully resolved, the water tap icon should be gone. If it is still flashing, the meter is detecting an intermittent leak.
• No water tap icon on the meter display? No leak!
Refer to VIDEO and brochure to learn how to access and read your water meter.
Looking for another way to verify if the leak is resolved? Sign up for monthly water use updates, you will receive an email that includes the water leak status. See *link to somewhere* for how to sign up.

Q. Is the SCRD actively fixing water main leaks?
A. The SCRD is continuously improving water main monitoring to increase efficiency. Water main leaks are detected by visual sightings notifications from residents, water system monitoring, and acoustic equipment.

Watch the video – How to Read a Water Meter
Review the brochure – Water Leaks: Tips for Property OwnersSign up for the Monthly Water Use Update to receive your average water use data for your property.
Request a Monthly Update of Average Daily Water Use at your property. Contact and include:
First and Last Name
Utility Account Number
Email Address
*Available for metered residential properties in Electoral Areas A, B, D, E, F

NOTE – The SCRD is only able to collect meter data for water meters that are radio transmitted (RT). Please note that the majority of installed water meters in the District of Sechelt do not have RT water meters. These meters require manual reading and currently, due to resource and time demand, the SCRD is not collecting meter data for these properties. With the planned installation of water meters in Sechelt, properties with existing meters will be upgraded to RT meters.