Daniel Point


This trail is all about the magnificent views of the Pender Harbour area and the Strait of Georgia. It is a fairly steep trail with a high level of difficulty.


North of Pender Harbour turn left off Highway 101 onto Garden Bay Road. Continue onto Irvines Landing Road. Turn right onto Lee Road at 800 m turn left onto Orca Road. The access to the park is on Orca Road.


2.5 km trail. Approximately 1 hour uphill.

Area A

Address: 4190 Orca Road (Google Maps)

Area: 1.4 hectares (3.6 acres)

Map: Daniel Point (PDF)


In 2017 shishalh Nation Elders Language group and the SCRD began a project to provide and/or translate SCRD park names into the shashishalhem (Sechelt language). Daniel Point Park is translated as Ɂayalus.

Pronunciation: Ɂ is the symbol for a throat catch, which is a constriction in the back of the throat followed by a sharp release. It can be heard at the beginning of English words ‘oh-oh’ and ‘ugh’. The ay sounds like the y in English ‘my’. u is pronounced like the o in English ‘go’. The first two syllables have strong stress.

The name Ɂayalus was chosen by the shishalh Elders Language Group because this is the shishalh name for the area.

Meaning: lookout (be/keep on the). This word can refer to ‘keeping an eye out’ for someone or something that is expected. (Sechelt Dictionary, Page 269)

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