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Budget 2022

The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) Board (the "Board"), created a new Strategic Plan in 2019, for their term of office. Aligning projects with an SCRD Strategic Plan and other planning documents, and keeping in mind the current economic conditions and challenges faced by the Sunshine Coast community, the Board endeavours to keep services affordable and taxes as low as possible in review of the budget. The Budget process for 2022 is outlined below:

  • Launch of Budget 2022 Community Check-In – September 27
  • Pre-budget – November 1 and 2
  • Budget Information Session 1 - November 16 - LINK
  • Budget Information Session 2 - November 23 - LINK
  • Round 1 Budget Meetings – December 13 to 15
  • Round 2 Budget Meetings – January 24 to 26
  • Adoption of Financial Plan – February 24

We want to hear from you

We want your feedback on the services that are important to you and where you would like to see tax dollars being spent. Share your thoughts on our Let's Talk Budget Page or here on the SCRD Website.

FInancial Plan Reports

The Financial Plan process requires that all services and funding levels be thoroughly reviewed by the SCRD Board to ensure public funding is allocated efficiently, effectively, and with accountability. The process also requires public consultation, which is achieved through open committee meetings and public information sessions. The Financial Plan content and process is a requirement for all local governments under the Local Government Act.




Throughout the Budget Year reporting is provided to the SCRD Board for consideration, this may include financial plan amendments, new projects, grant opportunities, rates and fee changes. The following agenda links, reports and presentations are provided in response to frequently asked questions about the budget.

Pre-Budget Special Corporate and Administrative Services Committee Agenda
021 Round 1 Budget Special Corporate and Administrative Services Committee Agenda
2021 Round 2 Budget Special Corporate and Administrative Services Committee Agenda

Agenda with Reports Pertaining to:

Wastewater 2021 Frontage Fee Review
2021 Wastewater User Fee Review
North and South Pender Harbour Water and Regional Water Service Areas 2021 Rate Reviews
2021 Refuse Collection Fee Review