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Water Wise Gardening

Outdoor watering on the Sunshine Coast causes local water demands to double during the dry summer months. By reducing your landscape’s water demands through the planting of “Xeriscape” (using water wise plants), we as a community can reduce stress to our local environments.

To assist Sunshine Coast residents and businesses, the SCRD created a Water Wise Plant Guide that gives information and ideas on modifying your landscapes to become water efficient.

The Okanagan Xeriscape Association’s (OXA) Plant Database lets you choose plants through a wide variety of options, such as light/water preferences, deer resistance and bloom colours to name just a few.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems can be excellent tools for properly managing landscaping needs, but only if they are programmed correctly and maintained regularly. You are responsible for the operations of your irrigation system so a general knowledge of manual shutoffs and timer programming is highly recommended.

Rain Sensors:

The future is about efficiency; using only what we need, when we need it. When it comes to irrigation systems this includes installing a rain sensor.

Many hardware stores and landscaping businesses on the Sunshine Coast stock this item or can order it in upon request.

Rain Barrels

This rain barrel guideline can assist you in your rain barrel construction.

The SCRD would like to thank the OXA for providing the “Xeriscape” resource referenced above.