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sunnyside Wastewater treatment facility

Sunnyside Wastewater Treatment FacilityLocated on Sunnyside Drive off Pratt Road, Gibsons - D.L. 909
Facility installed by Developer - 1979

There are 11 properties fronting the system.

Min of W L A & P Permit # Date issued: N/A.
Certificate issued by Ministry of Health in 1977.
Permitted effluent quality: BOD & TSS - Septic Tank Quality.
Permitted Allowable Discharge: accept and treat discharge from 14 homes per the Health Certificate.

This Facility is a Septic Tank (Self Dosing) - Discharge to Disposal Field.
The Facility and Operations Permit was turned over to the SCRD November 16, 1983.

Small sewer treatment systems are sensitive and flushing harmful contaminants or non-biodegradable materials can interrupt the treatment process. To be kind to your sewer treatment plant and reduce costs of maintenance, please read the instructions provided on what or what not to flush.

Utility rate update for 2021

  • Frontage fee increase of $100 from $102 (2020) to $202 (2021)
  • Wastewater user fee increase of $42.75 from $691.47 (2020) to $734.22 (2021)
  • As of November 2020, the balance of the capital reserve fund for Sunnyside is $19,000.

Total increase for 2021: $142.75

Further information on upgrades being planned for Sunnyside including the replacement of the treatment plant and collection system planned for 2027 can be found by clicking here.

Capital Funding Information Session

  1. Watch on YouTube
  2. Review: Area E - Sunnyside Wastewater 2020 Update

A review of wastewater service utility rates is currently underway. Learn more here:

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