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South Pender Water System

The South Pender Harbour Water System is located in Pender Harbour, providing water to approximately 2,300 full and part-time residents of Madeira Park, Francis Peninsula and the surrounding area.

South Pender Harbour is an independent system which has been operated and maintained by the SCRD since assuming ownership on January 31, 2008. The source for the this system is McNeill Lake with the water intake located on Haslam Creek.

The South Pender Harbour water system consists of approximately 32 km of water mains, 3 reservoirs, 2 pump stations, 2 chlorination stations and approximately 925 water service connections. Operations include the maintenance of the Haslam Creek intake, water pump stations, chlorination stations, pressure reducing stations, reservoirs, hydrants, distribution mains and service connections. The monthly demand on the system varies between 17.5 - 47.8million litres.