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Building Permits

When are Permits Required?

  • construction of all buildings or structures over 10 square meters in area (buildings/structures under 10 square meters must still meet all zoning requirements). If there is no house on the property you cannot build any type of auxiliary building of any size in residential zones.
  • all additions, renovations and alterations to existing buildings or structures (including decks, carports moved on buildings or structures over 10 square meters in area (including mobile homes)
  • in-ground swimming pools exceeding 15 squares meters in area and 1.0 meter in depth
  • retaining walls 1.2 meters or higher in height
  • plumbing installations and alterations (including hot water heating and fire sprinkler systems)
  • change of use of a building
  • construct/install new wood burning stoves and chimneys
  • the construction of a concrete pad or foundation on which equipment to be used for an industrial or commercial use is to be mounted
  • repair of a damaged building or structure
  • demolition or relocation of a building or structure

What information Must Accompany Permit Applications?

See Building Permit Application Procedure Checklist

Additional requirements for a permit to move in a building?

An application for a permit to move or re-locate a building or structure must be accompanied by the following additional requirements:

  • a $8000 bond for single family dwellings
  • a $500 bond for accessory buildings
  • a professional engineer's report, assessing the structural componenets of the moved in building, listing any life safety issues that must be brought up to current BC Building Code standards, including the lateral load requirements.

Permits for Temporary Buildings

  • a temporary permit is only valid for twelve months
  • application for a temporary permit must be made in writing to the Building Department stating the intended use of the temporary building
  • application must be accompanied by a $1000 bond for habitable building - $500 bond for a non-habitable building

What Constitutes a Valid Building Permit?

  • Construction must be started within six months from the date issuance of the permit
  • Construction shall not be discontinued or suspended for a period of more than one year
  • Permit is valid for 24 months from date of issue
  • At time of expiration, permits must be renewed (max. 2 renewals permitted)