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Environmental Monitoring

Discharges Under 22.7m3 Per Day

  • Treatment Facilities installed before 2004 are operated under a permit issued by the Local Health Authority. Monitoring of effluent quality, discharge and sampling is not required. These facilities are regularly maintained by Waste Water Technicians to ensure they are complying with the permit regulations.
  • Treatment Facilities installed after May, 2004 are required to be registered under the new Sewer System Regulations. Under these regulations, facilities are required to be monitored in accordance with the Sewage System Standard Practice Manual. As part of a required Maintenance Plan, there are minimum monitoring intervals to check flows and quality of effluent. At this time, we do not own or operate any faculties registered under this regulation.

Discharges Over 22.7m3 Per Day

  • Liquid Waste facilities in this category are operated by permit or regulation under the Waste Management Act. All of these are required to provide secondary or high quality secondary treated effluent and regular monitoring of quality and flows. Typically for most facilities, flows are monitored weekly and the effluent sampled quarterly to ensure discharge meets the requirements of the permit or the regulation.