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Emergency Plan

The response goals of the Sunshine Coast Emergency Program are:

  1. Provide for the safety and health of all responders
  2. Save lives
  3. Reduce suffering
  4. Protect public health
  5. Protect critical infrastructure
  6. Protect property
  7. Protect the environment
  8. Reduce economic and social loses

Emergency Response and Recovery Plan (ERRP)

Emergency Response and Recovery Plan contains the guidelines for response and recovery based on the BC Emergency Management System (BCEMS). The most recent revision was completed in January 2017.

Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP)

The NEPP program assists neighbourhoods, community associations and strata councils to become personally prepared and to teach residents how to launch a localized response. This program is essential to build community resiliency.

community wildfire protection plan (CWPP)

On June 24, 2021, the SCRD Board adopted the Sunshine Coast Community Wildfire Protection Plan.
The CWPP will be used as guidance and in support of coordinated action on community wildfire protection by Sunshine Coast local governments. The plan can be viewed here.