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Kleindale Cemetery was never a legally sanctioned cemetery, therefore, the Ministry of Consumer and Corporate Affairs Cemeteries Division officially closed the cemetery on November 9, 1982 to any further burials.

The SCRD however, agreed to accept responsibility for maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery as set out in Regulation 17.02 of the Cemetery Act.

Seaview Cemetery
1706 Lower Road, Roberts Creek


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Seaview Cemetery has been owned and operated by the Sunshine Coast Regional District since 1976. Prior to 1976 the cemetery was operated by the Seaview Cemetery Board of trustees, which largely consisted of only a few people, all volunteers. Unfortunately, burial records were not carefully kept prior to the SCRD taking over.

To locate a grave site, please contact the SCRD Parks Division between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday - Telephone 604-885-6802 (2).

The SCRD has purchased and placed a new Columbarium in Seaview Cemetery. Detailed information is linked to 'Niche Inurnments' below.

Mount elphinstone pioneer cemetery

In 2014, Mount Elphinstone Pioneer Cemetery was transferred to the SCRD with interments at the cemetery datin back to 1919. New reservations and interments are not currently being accepted. A Business Plan for Elphinstone and Seaview Cemeteries is currently in the process of being developed.

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Q: What are the costs?

A. Fee schedule.

Q: Who do I contact to purchase a plot?
Please call the Parks Assistant between the hours of 8:30 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday for an appointment.

Provincial Cemetery Information

Seaview Cemetery is governed by provincial law, along with all other cemeteries in British Columbia. Find out more about these regulations:

Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act

Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Regulations

Contact Information:
Geri Cuschieri, Parks Assistant


Phone: 604-885-6802 press 0