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Sports Fields

Pender Field at Lions Park: Open
Connor Park: Open
Cliff Gilker: Open
Mary Anne West: Open
Shirley Macey 1: Open
Shirley Macey 2: Closed

Brothers Field: Open

We ask that in the event of colder temperatures or heavy rains, referees and coaches use their best judgement at game time as to whether the fields are safe to play on, and call it accordingly.

Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) Parks & Recreation maintains over 400,000 square feet of playing fields on the Sunshine Coast. Regular field maintenance includes slicing, fertilizing, top dressing, over-seeding and aeration. The SCRD does not use herbicides or pesticides.

For additional information, please select a field from the menu above.

Interested in Booking an SCRD Playing Field?

To reserve a field or to attend an ongoing field user meeting please contact: Reagan Lovig at 604 885-6800 ext. 6616 or email.

Ongoing field users meet twice a year to reserve fields needed for the season ahead. These meetings occur mid February and mid July.

Brothers Fields in Town of Gibsons
The SCRD reserves the Brothers Fields on behalf of the Town of Gibsons. If you are interested in booking Brothers Field contact Reagan Lovig or email.
For all other inquiries about Brothers Fields, contact Town of Gibsons 604 886-2274.

District of Sechelt Field Info
For information on Kinnickinick, Picadilly, and Hackett Fields go to District of Sechelt or call 604-885-1986.

Keeping the Fields in Good Condition

Grassy playing fields will be CLOSED if weather conditions are too wet or freezing. Playing on the grassy fields under these weather conditions will damage the fields and may lead to longer closures. Please respect field closures.

Due to unexpected changes in weather, it is not always possible to anticipate field conditions prior to the weekend. If you have received notice that the fields are open, but you see that they are very wet, or in otherwise poor condition, please use good judgement about whether or not you should play on the fields. Thanks for your help in keeping the fields in good condition.

Dogs are not permitted on sportsfields.