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Reducing Waste at Work

Select a category below to be directed to information that is specific to your type of work to help you prepare for the October 1, 2022 change in disposal regulation. Food waste, food soiled paper and paper to is no longer disposable as garbage.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of resources to help you reduce the waste generated at work.

Tips and Resources

See the next section for info about how to reduce your waste so you have less to deal.

Food Waste - what is and isn't acceptable?

The science of composting is only a little different compared to what you can do in your backyard, but the main pieces stay the same. Review Salish Soils' info on what is and what isn't accepted as food waste by clicking here.

Wondering about packaging? take-out containers? or "compostable" plastics?

Not all paper containers are compostable, some are recyclable others are garbage. Is there a plastic liner? Does if have a "certified BPI compostable" stamp? Letting your customers know that their take out container should be recycled or composted will help the whole community divert waste from the landfill. Reach out to Salish Soils first before you invest in packaging options, contact info can be found here. If it's not compostable, it might be recyclable. Click here for what your customers can recycle at the depot.

Resources for reducing waste

Click here for best practices for reducing food waste.

Click here for information about the Waste Reduction Initiatives Program for non-profits and schools.

Metro Vancouver has tried and tested resources for reducing waste in the food service industy.

Click here for condensed toolkit for reducing waste for restaurants and other food service.

Click here for a guide about sizing the amount of collection containers you might need for your business. Each page has a different business type.

Click here for a guide on "Closing the Loop with Organics Recycling" for food service .

Click here for resources related to reducing waste for grocers.

Click here to go back to the Reduce Waste landing page.