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Water Demand Analysis - 2018

The Water Demand Analaysis determined the amount of water needed for the Chapman Water System to withsand a six month drought without exceeding Stage 2 Water Conservation Regulations. It then outlines the supply deficit that needs to be filled from 2025 up to 2050.

Agricultural Water Use on the Sunshine Coast 2016

The Agricultural Water Use Study surveys farmers on the Sunshine Coast to learn about their use of water.

Area A Water Supply Feasibility Study: Report, Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C

This report summarizes existing hydrometric station data and information; evaluates future data needs; and describes a multi-year phased approach for collection and managing meteorological and hydrological data and other relevant geo-referenced information as part of on-going initiatives associated with the management of Area A watersheds.

Area A Water Master Plan 2007

The Area A Water Master Plan provides a framework outlining tasks and related schedules, to address the water quality and quantity needs of both community and individual drinking water systems within the Pender Harbour / Egmont area.

Area A Water Master Plan 2011 Update

The document in the link above provides updates to the original Area A Water Master Plan 2007.

Comprehensive Regional Water Plan 2013

The Comprehensive Regional Water Plan covers all SCRD water systems except for North Pender and South Pender.

Source Assessment Response Plan 2012

The Chapman Creek Source Assessment Response Plan (SARP) specifies management measures to mitigate hazards to the community drinking water. The SARP consists of a set of actions that, once implemented, will ensure that the risks to drinking water quality within the Chapman Creek watershed are minimized.