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Wastewater Facilities

New - Community Information Spaces for Wastewater Service Participants

The SCRD has launched community information spaces for participants in wastewater services in the Region. On the community information spaces, wastewater service users can learn more about operations of the facilities and ask questions directly to SCRD staff members. These spaces will be updated as and when new information such as financial reports are available for each facility.

Each facility has its own page which can be reached via this link -

Existing facilities

The SCRD provides a community service for wastewater treatment and disposal. The small community wastewater treatment systems are located in Electoral Areas A, B, D, E and F. The specific wastewater collection and treatment facilities are:

The sewer treatment facilities operated by the SCRD are regulated by the Provincial Government under the Ministry of Environment (Sewer systems that discharge over 22.7 m3 per day) and the Local Health Authority (Sewer systems that discharge less than 22.7 m3 per day).

New Community Systems

New community sewer systems are required to comply with the respective Ministry regulations and with SCRD Servicing Bylaw 320. In accordance with this Bylaw, persons wanting to construct a community sewer system to serve two or more parcels in the SCRD must first apply and receive approval in writing from the SCRD.

Sewage Treatment Best Practices

Did you know a sewage system uses living organisms to decompose and treat the sewage before discharging into the environment? Your everyday actions affect how the system operates. Find out how. Learn more about What Not to Flush!