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Islands Clean Up:
Residential Garbage & Recycling service


The following table outlines the schedule for this year’s Island Clean Up Events.
The schedule will be updated as dates and times are confirmed.

Updated: April 23, 2021

2021 SCRD Islands Clean Up Schedule

Date Time Island Event
Sat Jul 17 Start 7:00am Gambier Island and Anvil Island – Flag Stops
Starting at Avalon Bay heading towards Grace Islands, West Bay, Centre bay, Long Bay, Hope Point, Camp Fircom, Halkett Bay, Brigade Bay, Anvil Island, Douglas Bay, end at Ekins Point
Sat Aug 7 To be confirmed Keats Island – On land events
Keats Landing – timing TBD
Eastbourne – timing TBD
Sat Aug 7 To be confirmed Gambier Island – On land event
New Brighton – timing TBD
Sat Aug 7 Start 7:30am Keats Island – Flag Stops
Starting at Plumbers Cove heading towards Melody Point, Barnabus, Cotton Point, Ragged, Pasley Islands, Worlcombe, Popham, Hermit ending at Sandy Beach
Sat Aug 28 Start 10:00am Thormanby Island
Buccaneer 10:00am -11:00am
Vaucroft 11:30 am
Sat Aug 28 To be confirmed Trail Island – Flag stop
Exact timing to be confirmed
To be determined To be determined Nelson Island*
Starting at Vanguard Bay

*Due to unfavorable tides this summer, we have not yet found an ideal day for the Nelson Island clean up event. We will contact island residents directly as soon as we know more.


• Household garbage loose or in clear bags
• Scrap metal
• Items requiring special handling (on a rotating basis)
• Recycling


Tentatively, we are planning on collecting the following as the rotating items that require special handling:

• Lead acid batteries
• Propane tanks – BBQ and camp size (maximum size TBD)
• Paint Products
• Tires (passenger or light truck only)

More details will be provided soon.


Recycling items collected to be confirmed soon.


The SCRD provides an annual residential garbage and recycling collection service for island residents on:

  • Gambier Island
  • Keats Island and nearby islands (e.g. Pasley, Popham, Ragged, Hermit)
  • Anvil Island
  • Trail Islands
  • Thormanby Island
  • Nelson Island

This service includes both ‘on-land’ events for Keats Island, Gambier Island and Thormanby Islands as well as ‘Flag Stop’ dock-to-dock service for water access-only residents on Gambier, Anvil, Keats, Nelson and Trail Islands.

This service is typically held in the summer months each year. Service dates vary from year to year due to tides and contractor schedule.

Materials collected each year are:

  • Household garbage
  • Scrap metal
  • Cardboard
  • Rotating ‘special items’ for 2021 to be announced soon.


  • Registration is required for flag stops: 604-885-6806 or
  • Please provide detailed location, GPS coordinates and any hazards to access.
  • Flag stops must be registered no later than one week prior to the clean up event.
  • The barge may arrive earlier or later than anticipated due to weather and tides.
  • Residents must be at the dock. Unattended loads will be left.
  • Must display a flag or something bright that is visible from a long distance and in poor weather. Ensure that it is visible on the day of the event. E.g. yellow or red PFD.
  • Must move any boats out of the way for barge access.
  • The how to prepare for flag stops package can be found linked above or here.


  • Mercury Transport Inc. is providing the barge services for the Islands Clean Up for 2020-2022.
  • Each year's schedule is primarily prepared based on tides.
  • For any scheduled event, dates may change due to poor weather.


Please contact us at 604-885-6806 or