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Construction and Recycling

Material from the construction, demolition and renovation of buildings does not have to all end up going to the landfill. Check out these resources to plan for your next residential or commercial construction project.

When you deconstruct a building there is the opportunity to salvage valuable resources like lumber or fixtures. However, when you demolish a building you end up with a mix of materials that might have been recyclable, but no longer can be diverted from waste.

Taking some time to research before starting on your project to determine what is feasible within your budget.

Resources and Directory

This list is not complete and the SCRD appreciates any suggestions for additions to this page.

Sunshine Coast Builder's Assocation
Visit for more information about local businesses that you can contact to help plan your next project.

Metro Vancouver's Deconstruction and Demolition Toolkit
Metro Vancouver's toolkit has information about different materials that could be reusable and a list of service providers that can assist with deconstruction or have options for disposal.

Salvage Market
Online market for salvage materials

BizBiz BC
Visit the marketplace hosted by BizBiz BC for materials for your business that might otherwise go to landfill.

Unbuidlers are a company that specializes in deconstruction of buildings. Visit for more information.

Sea-to-Sky Removals
Sea-to-Sky Removals are a company that specializes in construction and diversion. Their toolkit and knowledge are useful for planning on how to deal with waste from construction, deconstruction and renovation projects. Visit for more information or if you are business that would like to utilize their model they are open to partnerships.

Living Building Challenge (LBC) Red List
The LBC Red List is an annually updated resource on chemicals that are determined to be hazardous to human health and the environment and may be of intereste when picking out materials for your renovation or construction projects. Visit for more information.