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Watermain construction projects

Each year, the SCRD plans, designs and constructs new watermains in the Regional Water System. These watermain construction projects are to replace the old and undersized watermains. The goal of the watermain construction projects are to improve fire flows, water quality and the overall system reliability.

The nature of watermain construction requires occasional traffic delays and interruption of water service. Traffic control plans will be in place to minimize disruption traffic delay and notices are handed out to all affected residents prior to all planned water shut-downs.

Westcan Road

The existing 150 mm diameter water main crossing Secret Cove between Wescan Road and Sans Souci Road is in poor condition and in need up immediate replacement. The engineering design is complete and construction is scheduled to occur between July 4 and August 26 2022. This will ensure reliable water service to the residents on the north side of Secret Cove.

Marine transportation in and out of the southern arm of Secret Cove will be impacted throughout construction. More information about this project and the potential impacts can be found here.

Sans Souci Road Bridge

Engineering design is nearly complete for the replacement of a short section of watermain below the bridge on Sans Souci Road. The existing water main was found to be in poor condition during maintenance work in 2021, and a repair clamp was installed.

Construction is expected to take place in Fall of 2022.

Henry Road

The 200 mm diameter asbestos cement water main on Henry Road north of Reed Road will be replaced with a new 300 mm diameter ductile iron water main. This will enhance system reliability and improve flow in and out of the Henry Road Reservoir, located on Cemetery Road west of Henry Road. Construction is expected to take place in late summer/early Fall 2022


The SCRD will be constructing new waterlines on Gordon Road, Esplanade Road west of Meek Road, and Forin Road in the Eastbourne Water System on Keats Island. This will complete the Eastbourne Water System line burying program which has been underway since approximately 2010. This will improve system reliability and flows to the western side of the Eastbourne System. Construction is expected to take place in 2023.

Chaster Road

COMPLETED Winter 2021. The 200 mm and 150 mm diameter water mains on Chaster Road between Frank West Hall and Pratt Road, and on Pratt Road between Chaster Road and Malaview Road, were replaced with new 300 mm ductile iron water mains. This enhanced system reliability and improve flows to the Chaster area. Construction completed in December 2021.

Mark and Chris Way

COMPLETED Winter 2021. The 50 mm PVC waterline along Chris Way and the lower section of Mark Way has been upgraded to a 200 mm Ductile Iron waterline. A fire hydrant has been installed at the intersection of Chris/Mark Way which now provides better fire protection to the area. All water services were upgraded and connected to the new main. Paving and shouldering was completed in February. The project is now complete and under budget.