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We Envision: A region-wide
sustainability plan

What is a region-wide sustainability plan?

A sustainability plan showcases the community’s region-wide intent for the future that includes our core values, a vision, and a set of goals and actions that map the way forward, based on what we know today. The relevant area extends from McNab Creek (East of Port Mellon) to Egmont.

We Envision is the Sunshine Coast’s sustainability plan. It takes a look at 13 interconnected strategic directions that require our community’s focus today and well into the future, to ensure we are working toward the best future possible for our ecosystems, for our economy and for our people.

The 13 directions are: Land Use; Water Stewardship; Food Security; Affordable Housing; Employment; Addressing Poverty; Community Health and social Services; Arts and Culture; Learning and Leading; Natural Spaces, Parks, Recreation; Transportation; Climate and Energy; and Zero Waste.

The document provides a snapshot of where we are today, including stories of local people doing great work toward a sustainable future. It also includes mini-plans for each of the 13 strategic directions, with goals and actions to achieve between now and 2020.

Why do we have a region-wide sustainability plan?

Think of We Envision as the glue that holds many other plans and actions together. Without the glue, we see a less complete picture of the work that is happening across the region, and are less able to see how working together can save time and money. It is a collaborative framework for working together and to provide cohesive, consistent decision-making for the future of the coast.

While this work has begun in so many ‘corners’ of the coast, cohesive and consistent progress can only be realized when there is a known and agreed upon vision of what we want to achieve; and a set of goals, actions and timeline that will hold all of us accountable.