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Pet Safety

If you must evacuate, take your pets with you. We have trained volunteers to look after them while you register at the reception centre. Are you prepared to take care of your pet when disaster strikes? If not, NOW is the time to make your plans.

  • Put them in a portable carrier and make sure they are comfortable with it beforehand.
  • Include items for your pet in your emergency kit, such as dry food and water for three days, extra medication, and kitty litter.
  • Pets must have collars and leashes.
  • Bring along a photo of your pet and tattoo information.

Prepare for your pet

During an emergency, you and your animal companion(s) may be on your own for several days, and your pets will be relying on you to help them through it. Preparing for your pets is just as important as preparing for the human members in your household.