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Mobile Home Foundation Requirements

  • Concrete block shall be load bearing type conforming to CAN3-A165.1 and shall be laid with cores placed vertically.
  • Double blocks 8”x8”x16” are required. 3/8" plywood is required on top of the blocks if they are over 2’0” high. Maximum height for double blocks is 4’0”.
  • Tiedowns are to be installed near each of the four corners and shall consist of corrosion-resistant steel cables (or equal) complete with a turnbuckle.
  • Tiedowns for double wide mobiles must be spaced no more than 16'-0" apart on each chassis beam.
  • If a continuous concrete seal is not present, then a ground seal is required beneath. Mobile pad grading is to be sloped from center to outside or from side to side with a minimum slope of 2%.
  • A vertical clearance of at least 24" shall be maintained between graded ground seal and the bottom of the floor joists