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Langdale Water System

Langdale was originally named after Robinson Henry Langdale, a Yorkshire man who landed in the area in 1892. Langdale currently acts as the Sunshine Coast’s sole connection to the Lower Mainland via BC Ferries. The Langdale Water System draws water from the West Howe Sound Aquifer, which underlies the areas of Port Mellon, Williamsons’ Landing, Granthams Landing, Soames, Hopkins Landing, and Gambier and Keats Islands.

The old wood stave Langdale reservoir was installed in the early 1970’s and was one of the oldest operational reservoirs on the Sunshine Coast. In 2011 a new 460,000 liter steel reservoir replaced the wood stave reservoir and it came with many benefits! The new reservoir holds more than twice the water and it came in a great green color that the neighborhood suggested. The reservoir was designed with modern engineering providing enhanced data communication and control, increased site security and state of the art safety features for workers.

The Langdale well, drilled almost 30 meters down into the aquifer, pumps water up to the reservoir by automated control. The groundwater is of such good quality that only minor chlorine disinfection is required at the source before distribution. Once the water has been pumped into the reservoir, and due to the reservoir’s high elevation, the water flows downhill by gravity without the aid of pumps to Langdale homes within the distribution system.

The Langdale water system is operated by the SCRD as an independent water system. Water demand can vary significantly from season to season. In the winter consumption is about 6 million liters per month, and in the summer consumption can be as high as 17 million liters per month.

The old wood stave reservoir in the background still online as the new steel reservoir is constructed.

Electoral Area: F
Location: Langdale
Source: West Howe Sound Aquifer
Facility: Reservoir
Capacity: 460,000 L