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Know the Risks

The Sunshine Coast is a large region with varied geological features. Due to its size, location, and varying weather, it is susceptible to many risks. To prepare for the risks in our region, you must be aware of what they are, how to prepare yourself and your family in case of an event and where to go to stay informed.

Natural Risks

Earthquakes are common in BC, with more than 2,500 recorded each year in and around the province. Most are too small to be felt, but an earthquake capable of causing structural damage is expected to occur somewhere in the province about once every decade. There is a real risk that one of these could be “the big one.”

Tsunamis can be associated with earthquakes. Sometimes a large earthquake beneath the ocean floor will produce a tsunami, which is a series of large waves. Damaging tsunamis are a rare, but serious event.

Preparation is the key to survival in the event of an earthquake or tsunami. However, for some of us, putting together an emergency supplies kit and creating a family disaster plan can seem overwhelming.

Following these Earthquake and Tsunami Smart Guidelines is simple and takes little time. Sharing what you have learned with neighbours, family and friends may save lives. Take the time now to prepare.

Tsunami Warnings
If a tsunami warning is issued, head inland via evacuation routes or to high ground immediately. A warning may be issued in the form of fire department sirens or through radio and social media.

Extreme Weather
Extreme weather is possible in any area of the SCRD and can result in reduced visibility, strong winds, flooding, and power outages. Preparing for these events is a necessity.

Flooding often occurs as a result of serious weather and can cause injuries and major damage to property.

Wildland Fires
The region is susceptible to wildfires, especially during the hot summer months. However, precautions can and should be taken to mitigate property damage and potential injury. By making some strategic choices in your yard your can create a FireSmart landscape. The manual includes an extensive list of fire resistant plants and tips from landscaping material.

Wildlife Interface
We are fortunate to reside in an area abundant with wildlife. On rare occasions, we may encounter potentially dangerous wildlife. Knowing what to do is essential to ensuring the well-being of both the animal and yourself.

Other Risks

Backcountry Accidents
The Sunshine Coast is home to a vast number of outdoor activities, many of which take place in remote backcountry areas. Preparation is essential to survival if an accident occurs in these areas.

Disease Outbreaks
Disease outbreaks are a rare but a serious occurrence.

Hazardous Material Spill
In the event of a hazardous material spill, the Ministry of Environment should be contacted immediately at 1-800-663-3456.

Power Outages
Do you know how to find your flashlight? Power outages can occur for any number of reasons; it makes sense to be prepared.

Thin Ice and Cold Water
Thin ice is responsible for many fatalities each year. Hypothermia, which is a decrease in body temperature, kills people in cold water by reducing their ability to swim or stay afloat.