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Emergency Radio Communications

Volunteer amateur radio operators are available to assist with communications in the event of an emergency. These knowledgeable volunteers build, test and maintain radio systems to provide back-up communications in the event of a disaster.

The emergency radio room is housed at the Sunshine Coast Regional Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). Some of the technologies that are employed include: VHF, UHF, HF, Packet radio.During disasters and other serious emergency situations, when many other systems fail, a proven reliable means of communication has been emergency radio communications, notably “amateur” or “ham” radio. Emergency radio is a public safety lifeline that assists within the community and links the community in crisis to where relief and support can be coordinated.

Amateur radio operators on the coast are the emergency point of contact to residents in the event of a telephone system failure. The operators have the ability to transfer information to the (EOC) where emergency services will be dispatched.

Emergency Communications Team volunteers can be identified by the “emergency communication” sandwich board located in front of their residences.